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Account Manager in England

Account Manager

A CRM Account Manager is typically the first point of contact between the partner and a large number of key accounts, with the aim of providing the best possible solutions for existing clients The role of an Account Manager involves a number of different areas including CRM, Sales and Business Development. The Account manager will build and strengthen relationships with existing customers and further develop existing accounts by drving new revenue streams, as well as selling the microsoft dynamics 365 suite. 


England is the largest country in the United Kingdom, with a population of just under 55 million. It borders both Wales and Scotland. Its capital city is London - the second largest city in Europe. 

Economically, England is one of the largest in the world, with the 18th highest GDP per capita and forms the strongest part of the UK economy by quite a margin. Its capital city, London, its the largest financial centre in Europe, and the second largest in the world. Important industries include pharamceutcals, manufacturing, services, automobiles and tourism. 


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