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Solutions Architect in Hemel Hempstead

Solutions Architect

The Solutions Architect typically designs very specific technical solutions that are aligened to the client's requirements and manages the implementations and data migrations of the Dynamics CRM implementation project, as well as provide hands-on technical assistance for the developers. 

Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead is a large new town in Hertfordshire in the East of England in the Greater London Urban Area. The population according to the 2001 Census was 81,143, and at the 2011 census was 94,932. 

Situated just 24 miles north west of London, Hemel Hempstead is within easy commuting distance of the catpial. 

A variety of roles within the Dynamics market are located in the town, from CRM Developers to Technical Consultants to Account manager and project managers. 

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