Firms seeing immediate benefits after adopting Microsoft Dynamics AX


Posted by Brian Jordan over 3 years ago

It’s never been easier for an organisation to manage its operations. However, they still need the expertise to be able to make the most of the software that is available to them.

Last year, Microsoft made the day-to-day running of a business even easier, releasing its next-generation cloud ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, into the world.

It claims that firms can now run their entire business in the cloud with Microsoft — from productivity with Office 365, to business analytics with Power BI and Cortana Analytics Suite, customer engagement with Dynamics CRM and business operations with Dynamics AX.

There is an obvious benefit in tying an organisation to a sole vendor, should it fit with the business model. With Dynamics AX, they will be able to harness the power of the Azure cloud, which provides “enhanced security along with global availability and scale, enabling businesses and people to work more safely anywhere, anytime”, Microsoft explains.

Horticultural company Priva is one such business who already can’t imagine what business would be like without Dynamics AX.

“We are bringing massive amounts of data into our business to help control building climates and horticulture environments. That is a huge business transformation, and the cloud was the only way forward for us to make that real,” explained Paul Ossewold, vice president, Digital Operations, Priva, in a Microsoft blog.

“To manage our company with 10 offices around the world, we need systems that are fast. That is what Dynamics AX in the cloud is giving us,” he added.

The software is still relatively new, but Dynamics AX works like other Microsoft applications that people are used to, which naturally increases adoption and usage.

That “amazing” user experience is part of what makes Dynamics AX a “game changer for enterprise customers”, Microsoft’s press release claims.

Businesses shouldn’t hesitate to make use of the solution, we say, providing they are equipped to do so.

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