Microsoft give an update on Dynamics 365 "Tenerife" at Directions Conference North America 2017


Posted by Charlotte Schofield about 3 years ago

Microsoft Give An Update On Dynamics 365 "Tenerife" At Directions NA 2017

Directions North America, a conference run for and by Microsoft Partners who service the SMB market, took place this week in order to allow them to discover more about Microsoft Dynamics ''Tenerife''. Microsoft will advance Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Business (D365FOB) edition as a single solution, which is being prepared under the codename Dynamics 365 "Tenerife". Tenerife will result in both a new cloud release and a new on-premises release. 

Tenerife will be the new app development platform for apps that run on the product formerly known as many names including NAV, meaning that all existing ISV solutions for NAV will need to be transitioned over to this new model. The ultimate aim is to make the cloud both more attractive and more profitable for users, as well as providing an on-premises options, should it not be feasible to go to the cloud.  

One thing that Microsoft have seemed hesitant to reveal is any kind of timeline or estimation of release date of Tenerife, as well as what the official name of the product will be – however, it was suggested that, because of the high levels of customisation that Tenerife will offer its partners, the product sold will be your own white-labelled offer, possibly ''powered by Dynamics 365'', yet cannot be called 'Dynamics 365' - an announcement that caused a considerable amount of confusion for those in attendance.  

As well as offering ''full NAV functionality'' in Dynamics 365, it can be expected that Tenerife will offer users a much greater deal of customisation and add-on options than previously expected, and so whatever you build in Tenerife, which includes one-off customisations for a single customer and multi-customer apps that you might build for AppSource, will be the product that you sell to your customers.  

For example, Microsoft appears to be loosening its earlier guidance that all add-ons adopt the Extensions framework. The company is now making room for established add-on solutions built for previous releases of NAV using other approaches.  

The enhancements planned for Tenerife reflect several converging factors at Microsoft. In addition to delivering greater functional coverage to achieve NAV parity, the cloud messages to partners has rather been communicated as one of necessity than one of opportunity. Having claimed that Microsoft has received a number of partner complaints due to the difficulty of maintaining both NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 brands, Microsoft hopes that the move towards a single Tenerife release will reduce complexity for partners.  

Microsoft Partners can already begin sampling some of the capabilities now, with sandbox instances of the Tenerife preview having already become available. Demo features include Excel integration to update and publish changes, user-driven user interface customisation with drag and drop and new cognitive service for image analysis, including faces and inventory items, it has been revealed.  

Although many key decisions surrounding Dynamics 365 are yet to be made or unveiled, including its estimation for launch, pricing and packaging, details on the adjusted approach to ISV solutions and finally how the solution will fit into the existing and larger Dynamics 365 product line, the importance of Tenerife cannot be understated, with Marko Perisic, Keynote speaker and General Manager at Dynamics 365, formally stating this in the conclusion of his keynote at the Directions Conference in NA: "Dynamics 365 Tenerife is the next version of NAV.  Dynamics 365 Tenerife is the next version of [D365FOB]. Dynamics 365 Tenerife is the single product to rally around, with a cloud focus and on-prem if you need it", he said.

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