The lowdown on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


Posted by Alex Phillips over 1 year ago

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has arrived to significant fanfare. But many businesses want to know what lies behind the shiny surface.

We want to help you pick through all the glossy marketing spiel and get to the heart of things: what can Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offer your business and how will it interact with existing infrastructure?

This new offering from Microsoft gives businesses a single view of their customers (thanks to smart use of customer data) and allows them to gain intelligent insights from them. If you listen to the hype, you might wonder how you survived without it.

So, leaving the jargon behind, here’s what you can expect from Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Get a more holistic understanding of your customers

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights means all your customer data is connected. Thanks to pre-built connectors you are able to tie in transactional, observational and behavioural data from a range of data sources. It allows you to transform customer data intelligently by unifying and standardising data so it conforms to Microsoft’s Common Data Model. It also facilitates more enriched customer profiles – integrating aggregated audience intelligence to give you a richer, more complete view of customers.

Gain greater insights and take action

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to create high value segments to drive business processes and deliver targeted messages and content. It also helps you spot trends and patterns, giving you access to actionable insights with KPIs and configurable metrics. In addition, by leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms you can better predict customer intent.

Stay agile and extend more

Engagement can become more personalised with the help of contextual customer insights infused directly into business applications such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, Service, and Marketing or other applications using rich APIs. You can also use Microsoft Power Apps to create customer business apps complete with embedded customer insights to empower others in the organisation. Plus, Microsoft flow makes it simple to set up workflows in response to customer actions.

A platform you can rely on

A finished SaaS application and self-service experience built on Azure means you can get started quickly and optimise time for value. Its built-in governance tools and enterprise-ready security help you stay in control of your data – supporting data privacy and GDPR compliance. And you can invest confidence, knowing Dynamics 365 Customer Insights comes with all of Microsoft’s first-rate AI research, cloud, data and developer expertise and experience.


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