Why SharePoint still offers businesses value


Posted by David Monk about 1 year ago

As Microsoft continues to add new services to Office 365, some are questioning the future of SharePoint. However, despite some key 365 features such as PowerApps, PowerBI and Flow replacing SharePoint functionalities, many businesses are reluctant to let go of SharePoint.

It’s not that these new functionalities aren’t successful, and it’s not that they haven’t seen significant business adoption. It’s just that many businesses continue to see the value of SharePoint. Here’s why…

SharePoint is a one-stop content shop

SharePoint is seen by many businesses as the gateway to the digital workplace, giving employees a centralised place to locate relevant information stored in the platform. That information can include third-party links, key documents, reports and interactive forms. SharePoint is the go-to place for key information and central to the digital workplace.

Capturing data from forms

Users continue to find it easier to interact with forms within SharePoint. Unlike PowerApps (introduced as an alternative to InfoPath), SharePoint doesn’t require additional apps. It also has the convenience of having forms as web pages.

A focus on search features

Organising digital files can be a real headache for businesses. Finding the right document quickly is hard when the information is scattered across network drives and server folders. With SharePoint content search, users can index and tag files based on content – and that remains one of the biggest selling points of the platform.

SharePoint has a place for legacy content

One of SharePoint’s key functions is that it houses legacy content. Things like company announcements, links, contact lists and HTML pages can’t be put in the new apps and services introduced by Microsoft. As a result, SharePoint becomes the only viable option for many businesses looking to highlight this information.

Content versioning functionality

Many companies rely on content versioning – and this is something SharePoint offers in abundance. It allows businesses to track multiple versions of documents and to date, no other tool in the Office 365 suite offers anything similar.


SharePoint allows large companies to share and manage resources, streamline access to data, and create a more efficient, better-informed decision-making process. If you are looking for SharePoint talent to help you business grow, get in touch with the team at Hunter Charles. We’ll find you the SharePoint professionals your business needs.

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