What does the modern CMO look like?


Posted by Alex Phillips about 1 year ago

The remit of the CMO has moved from an advertising and communications role to one that drives the growth of the business and brand via data and analytics.

In its 2019 CMO Spend Survey, Gartner identified customer experience (CX) as one of the top three capabilities for CMOs, and one they consider vital to their marketing strategies over the next 18 months.

According to the research, an average of 18% of marketing budgets is allocated towards CX initiatives. This highlights the growing need for organisations to invest both time and money in ensuring their customers have positive brand experiences and come away from a brand with a favourable impression.

Positive CX is achieved via data-driven insights, and marketing technology is constantly evolving. Marketing is pivotal to business growth thanks to technology which gives organisations advanced measurements of CX to identify brand-specific drivers and inform initiatives. This enhanced insight means that the success of marketing campaigns can be determined by the data that follows.

Marketers have new ways to deliver exceptional CX such as machine learning and AI. For example, using facial recognition at an event means that attendees are automatically registered on arrival and their sentiment and activities are monitored throughout the event. This real-time data enables greater ROI.

Customers expect their brand interaction experience to be singular and seamless, making ease-of-use at every digital touchpoint a priority.

The ease-of-use CX trend is highlighted by the growing popularity of voice search and intelligent chatbots. CMOs are under increasing pressure to adopt these platforms before they become mainstream. However, CMOs also need to remember that innovation without a purpose can create more of a hindrance than a help in the customer journey.

Knowing their audience and focusing on the channels to drive a positive CX is key to the modern CMO’s remit. They also need to remember all their efforts can be measured, adjusted and improved.

Marketing no longer operates on the periphery of a business. Instead, it stands centre stage, touching all business facets with the data-driven insights to prove its value.


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