Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 means worry-free scalability


Posted by Alex Phillips about 1 year ago

Microsoft is widely recognised as the largest commercial cloud company in the world. The figures say it all: the tech giant generated more than $38 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year. That’s more than Amazon Web Services ($25.7 billion) and a lot more than Google Cloud ($8 billion).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is used by countless businesses. Chosen for its ability to integrate complete back office functionality with in-store and online customer experience, as well as its content and digital asset management, as an omnichannel model it is leading the charge.

Dynamics 365 can also generate analytics and real-time live analysis of product and sales performance and customer feedback as a result of its connection with Microsoft Machine Learning devices. Dynamics products are even available in the Azure cloud; users can focus primarily on project implementation thanks to reliability, security and reduced infrastructure costs.

In an interview with Forbes, Lana Vernovsky, CIO and COO at the Dynamics Resources Business Unit of Synoptek, an IT company offering global continuous end user support, believes the availability of Dynamics in Azure is a game-changer.

She explains: “Be it new implementations or upgrades, these projects are never easy for the end client, so taking infrastructure off the list of responsibilities really helps.”

According to Vernovsky, Azure hosting offers a worry-free, cost-effective solution to Dynamics customers. Plus, with its selection of extras (such as Azure DevOps), Azure becomes a go-to structure on which users can run effective and organised Agile implementations.

She continues: “Having Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations or Customer Engagement accessible anywhere (be it at the office or via smartphone) and being able to rely on Azure makes operations run smoothly and worry-free.”

For Vernovsky, Azure offers users the potential to scale businesses by removing uncertainty about how infrastructure is being hosted and maintained. Instead, users are able to focus on implementing enterprise resource ERP and CRM strategies to boost business through office- or mobile-based solutions.

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