Microsoft Azure: number one for businesses


Posted by Alex Phillips 3 months ago

Microsoft Azure has been voted the public-cloud infrastructure of choice for businesses, according to a survey by Goldman Sachs. The research also suggests that IT executives believe Microsoft will win the cloud wars over the next three years.

Microsoft is the most popular supplier of public cloud services and continues to gain on AWS, says the survey of more than 100 IT executives from Global 2000 companies.

56 of those questioned said they were using Azure for cloud infrastructure, compared to 48 using AWS. These figures will come as a blow to Amazon and call into question its reputation as the supposedly ‘unquestioned’ leader in the enterprise-cloud market.

What’s more, Azure’s lead is likely to increase, according to the study, with 66 CIOs saying their companies will use the Azure cloud more than any other cloud service over the next three years.

According to a post on Cloud Wars, there are a number of reasons that make Microsoft the number one cloud vendor. These include:

  • Today’s enterprise cloud includes IaaS, PaaS and SaaS but some predictions have equated IaaS with the enterprise cloud as a whole, thus distorting what is actually happening in the marketplace.
  • Microsoft’s enterprise cloud revenue is bigger than AWS’s – $41.2 billion compared to $31.5 billion.
  • Microsoft is creating powerful cloud partnerships with some of the world’s top vendors to simplify the customer journey into the cloud and increase the value of their cloud investments.
  • Microsoft is focused on helping business customers become digital disruptors.

On the plus side for Amazon, these results do not correlate directly to revenue. However, that doesn’t get away from the fact that the majority of CIOs prefer Azure to AWS.

Microsoft has a history of understanding the needs of its customers whether in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid. Add to that its strategy of focusing on large enterprise companies, business-friendly features and taking a more collaborative attitude with its cloud platform, and Microsoft looks set to remain the number one player in the cloud for the foreseeable future.

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