Microsoft makes Azure Sphere available to all


Posted by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent 9 months ago

It was nearly two years ago that we first saw a preview of Azure Sphere, and now Microsoft’s comprehensive security solution aimed at securing Internet of Things (IoT) devices is available to all.

The technology used for Azure Sphere originated in a Microsoft Research project called Sopris and a version of Linux.

Speaking about Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s principal group program manager Halina McMaster explains the security solution is made up of different elements.

She states: “It includes four components, three of which are powered by technology, the Azure Sphere-certified chips that go into every device, the Azure Sphere operating system (OS) that runs on the chips, and the cloud-based Azure Sphere Security Service.

McMaster continues: “The fourth component may be the most important: our Azure Sphere team. These are some of the brightest minds in security and they’re dedicated to the security of every single Azure Sphere device.”

The first dedicated Azure Sphere chip was launched when the security solution first previewed in 2018 – it was known as MediaTek MT3620. Today, these chips are being built into IoT devices as a way to power single-chip computers known as microcontrollers.

However, Microsoft is also working on newer chips. The first is called the I.MX 8 and is designed to handle AI and graphics processing tasks, while the second will provide secure connectivity for IoT devices.

In a blog post, McMaster also gave details about the built-in security in each Azure Sphere-certified chip.

She said: “Every Azure Sphere chip includes built-in Microsoft security technology to provide a dependable hardware root of trust and advanced security measures to guard against attacks.

“The Azure Sphere OS is designed to limit the potential reach of an attack and to make it possible to restore the health of the device if it’s ever compromised. We continually update our OS, proactively adding new and emerging protections.”

With Azure Sphere being readily available, we can expect to see more businesses adopting the service as a way to grow their fleets of IoT devices in the most secure way possible.

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