Microsoft makes more changes to cloud services in response to increased demand


Posted by Faustine Ladeiro-Levent 8 months ago

Microsoft has recently announced a raft of changes to its Office 365 services to ensure it can cope with higher usage during the coronavirus pandemic. 


First came a number of restrictions introduced to prioritise Microsoft's cloud capacity to critical activities – including vital government agencies and first responder firms. Now the tech giant is making two further tweaks to the Office 365 service portal.


As reports, Microsoft is changing how OneDrive Files on Demand works on macOS and Windows 10, removing thumbnails for certain types of files. The company also unveiled more tweaks to SharePoint changes made over two weeks ago. 


In more detail, the updates are as follows: 



Customers using OneDrive Files On-Demand and opting to ‘display items by using large thumbnails’ in either Mac Finder or Windows Explorer will now be shown general icons as opposed to thumbnails for file type subsets (for instance video and PDF files). However photo file thumbnails (png, jpeg, jpg, etc.) will remain the same. 



Microsoft is rescheduling a number of backend operations to regional evening and weekend business hours. The capabilities that will be affected include things like migration, DLP, apps that scan the service, as well as delays in file management following the upload of a new image, video or file. 


Changes already implemented by Microsoft include the reduction of video resolution for meetings in Microsoft Teams, as well as limiting the frequency of Presence checking. The recording resolution for meetings in Microsoft Stream has been downgraded to 720, while there have also been changes to the sync frequency and download size of OneNote file attachments. 


Microsoft is closely monitoring usage of services in Office 365/Microsoft 365 and we could see more changes in the near future. In the meantime, if you’re looking for your next step up in your career, specialising in Microsoft services, get in touch with Hunter Charles today.


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