365 for Project Service Automation

365 for Project Service Automation is a cloud-based, centralised system for customer engagement which enables users to manage their project-led business more productively and profitably, and subsequently experience higher levels of customer satisfaction. In order to have a more thorough project management solution in place, it is important that businesses can store information, data and processes in a centralised location to achieve optimal planning, delivery, resourcing, billing and tracking, which, most importantly for your business, will ensure you that you are yielding the best possible results from your project investments.

365 for Project Service Automation allows businesses to reach their full growth potential due to a resulting strengthening of the two-way relationship between consultant and customer. It results in greater transparency, enabling the consultant to better understand your business’ projects and therefore apply their expertise in a way that leads to a more efficient and consistent project management process. This, coupled with a responsive engagement model, forms trusted relationships built on greater collaboration between both consultant and customer.